About Dr Megan Castner


Bachelor of Science (1996); MBBS (2000); Fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2012)

Dr Megan Castner has spent the past decade working in obstetrics, and several years as a private specialist. She joined the Arrivals team in 2012 and began her own practice in 2017.

Megan, what are some of your career highlights to date?

The move to start my own practice was certainly a big step but I welcomed the challenge. Joining the Arrivals team was also an exciting opportunity that spanned more than 5 years. Delivering one of my closest friends’ babies (who’s now my godson) is a stand out moment in my career. It’s also special that I have patients coming back to me for baby number two or three – it’s not something you get working in public hospitals.

What do you remember about delivering your first baby? When was this?

I remember seeing my first delivery as a student at Kingaroy Hospital in 1999. Mum was crying, Dad was crying, I was crying – it was magical. My first delivery was at Gold Coast Hospital. I remember being overwhelmed at being part of such a special time.

Since then, how many babies have you delivered?

More than 2,000 babies; so far.

What made you want to become a doctor?

I decided when I was 12 years old. I wanted to work with and help people. I originally wanted to work in paediatrics as I have always loved kids. It wasn’t until medical school that I changed to liking obstetrics more.

Why obstetrics?

I love working with women to do something that is normal and natural. I feel lucky each time I get to be involved in helping a new life into the world. And if there are complications, I can do something very positive to help.

What about your work gives you the greatest satisfaction?

Seeing the joy and awe new parents have when they see their new baby. First time parents, or second, third; the role I play can literally be life-saving – not too many people, even doctors, get to say that every day about their job.

How would you describe your approach to patients?

Down-to-earth, open. I like to treat patients like a friend, someone they can talk to, open up to as sometimes patients don’t feel comfortable sharing.

What’s the best advice you can give one of your patients?

Relax and enjoy the pregnancy. There is so much information coming from friends, family, books and the internet that patients often get worked up and worried about. There are so many things they don’t need to be worrying about and we are here to look after everything else!

What do you hope your patients remember about you, long after the pregnancy and birth?

My kindness and understanding but also when action is needed that I am there to manage the situation.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing the most?

I love playing with my son, Morgan. Now that Morgan’s arrived, things like exercising, boating and travelling seem to not happen quite as often anymore! But I grew up in Brisbane, so I’m really lucky to have close friends around. Quite a few have had babies recently, too, so we can all spend time together.

A special pleasure is picnics on the weekend. I love being near the water, so we often drive to the Wynnum area.

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